About me

Carlee Garnett - The pet friendly realtor

Finding homes for people and their pets, is something that hits home for me. Growing up, I've always had dogs, cats, fish, hamsters you name it! Every time my family moved, it was a huge consideration in the process to know how the animals would be taken care of, and knowing that the neighborhood would be a good fit for every member of our family. I would like to be the realtor for you that goes the extra mile in deciding the perfect home for you and family, whether or not they have fur, scales or feathers!

home ownership

Home ownership has always been considered a major milestone and a significant part of achieving that great American dream. It signifies pride, stability, success and security. It means saying "Good-Bye" to Landlords and property managers and is the greatest investment one can make. As a Realtor, I realize the significance buying and selling a home is to you and your family. I will work very hard to ensure the service I provide will get you everything you want out of the deal. 

Finding homes for pets and people

I feel honored to have the privilege of combining my two passions – helping animals and selling real estate. I have always loved animals, and real estate is truly a new passion of mine. Combining the two just seems natural, and a way to make things more fun! Let me help you find the perfect home for you!