steps for selling your pet friendly home


step 1: the walk through

Before you show your house, have someone neutral come through and take a walk around your home. Let them tell you the spots that may need a few touch ups, they will probably see things that you may not notice.  Whether it be odors, marks on walls, or some fur on the furniture, they will be able to point things out that you may not see. 

step 2: the cleaning

I know it isn't the most fun thing to hear, but when you've got pets it's a must. Some of the best advice I give is to air out the entire home after cleaning the house. It helps get rid of the 'pet' smell and invites in natural air to cleanse the home. 

step 3: communication

Be sure to communicate to your realtor about your pets honestly. This is important for your pets – and your home. The more your realtor knows, the better off everything will be. For instance, if you have cats wandering about the house during a showing (and you don't want them wandering outside), your agent needs to know that.


Whenever your house is being shown by your realtor, try your very hardest to have the pets out of the home. You want the buyer to visualize themselves in the home, it makes it more difficult to sell  if there is a dog barking, or a cat lurking around using the litter box. Try to board them for the day   so the buyer can truly visualize themselves in the home.